I s a b e l S o b r a l C a m p o s

            The voice withstands…


                                            The voice withstands

                                            monocular through a






     Significantly shapes her ire

     bucketing down

     intrepid walls as

     the house relays impotent

     her name ashes forth      the schist of the tumble

                                    North Pole wrath

                                    tumid ice disk
                                    budding amid rocks

                                    like a plastered lichen

      Occasionally music on exposed windowsill waiting for a vein-swell to reach the surface    
      amply signaling heartbeat

                                                                                                 [After the world’s end]

mortality without sails
blue skin of dying sun

her hand wrapped in a gesture (and the ice bucket swinging)

the sounds of things
left murmuring
for humankind

things like shoes and sheets
flapping in the breeze
in different stages of tear

shredded clusters of paper
confounding wilted leaves

and deracinated pines   

by a deserted campsite (  ) shaped like an open mouth (  )