R o b e r t C. L. C r a w f o r d

From The Solar Sonnets


leukemia drapes the guest house lime
sliced in a co-op freezer tadpole
panicked at displays pedestrians
congregating through a caramelized diary
at not a sapling of the tomato bed
skylight crib shirt over we go back in
baseball and magnolia for a saliva trail
at the spa castle writ on a luxury margin
an ice cream destroyed by pervs
every upgraded wedge a villa of you
is every arbitrage of a kaleidoscope
marbling its verdigris and sienna
a sensation the myelin tried to relay
and indigoes with the attendance record


Would less have saved the longest summer time
Moss gray and locked in comets, dragged to asps
Estranged and parti-colored, disparate—
The fugue they build for admins is baroque
A carriage speeds the convicts to Varennes
Austrian arms will make them great again
Like tumbrels itched to rust by muted shores
Enemies watch our crisp naval effects
Baubles above by lake events in teal
Siroccos fill the room are in her hair
If ficus trees by high school tracks may know
Botanists case the bleeding mauves on stems
Meanwhile she was in the city too
And pouring butcher’s thread for passersby