D a v y K n i t t l e

Froempathy for cars / force of july


 [ march across a hollow ]

listening is a party
a sparky thing – in the crosswalk
I wonder if someone
will let their car go on me 

not action but absence
in the bathroom I’m ears first
for other dudes there are none
I can go in now – steady, man

in the bathroom I want you 
when you bring up almost and drop
a dream where your students
embarrass you with your thing

you won’t tell me what it is
the obvious is hotter
because it’s hot ghosts that
I don’t not picture you using

desire’s its own evidence
dream the obvious were
effortless as a well
steady on the rim with my wish

[ march within its conditions ]

but it’s your heart that’s miles
some still – your ahs a body
hand me over to need
and before it make me hold

not desire – engines mine extrude
honey – numbered in my hands
put each around its ounce
its plane – engine any

ursa any – mine or age or stay
nicest any came over
made my house nice sat
made me tea I gave her – rose

cleaned me up in her car
hugged huggable Russia
in a bed I’m trouble – put me
back on a bed I tried to leave

no world enough to go in it
huggable ‘90s impressed in me
arms in bed – heap me
house me long as arms may  

[ march by my teeth ]

try as I might and your voice
is still gold fisting me
print your name with my buck
a hundred times I husk the sheets

twenty fish are me – I won’t tell you
under tank lights and in blue fronds 
even they don’t fuck
alone some good is all I get

seeing you for a second
is my bell – twenty under me
my bed is all water – I captain
I’m my captain – I won’t tell you

I get nothing but street view
some graze is all I want in the day
or give me a hug – but don’t
everything tweaks me out right now

I leave and ask grass of the yard 
grass stops me cold
and wet in the mornings and summer
where it doesn’t hide its touch